Blush Gin Reviews!

5/5- Chris Edwards:  "Just received our parcel of Boysenberry Gin. A lovely drink for Friday eve with Fever Tree tonic and a few berries"

5/5 Jalaine Armstrong: "So good we have just bought some more as gifts. Divine"

5/5- Melanie Brook: "a beautiful tipple, whether the rhubarb or the boysenberry, you will not be disappointed! fabulous in cocktails! highly recommended xx"

5/5 - Tungia Barnes: "Great way to enhance your taste buds" 

5/5 - Amy J Fowler: "This has got to be the best glass of gin I have ever had. Absolutely would recommend to any of you gin lovers out there"

5/5 Nicole Ross: "Beautiful will definitely be my go to drink for summer 😍😍"

5/5 Nathen Cranny: "A seriously great product made by some seriously great people! Perfect for both seasoned Gin drinkers and first time buyers. A must have!" 

5/5 Temara Rust : “So smooth, you can drink it on its own over ice. I've tried quite a few pink gins and this one by far is the best! “

5/5 Jody McFarland:  “Highly recommend Blush. Gorgeous floral notes make way for a hit of rhubarb tang and the prettiest blush colour. A gin must." 

5/5 Laura Mckenzie:  “I sampled this at Didas today- the most delish gin I have ever tried- will be buying a couple of bottles tomorrow!”

5/5-Karen Eglinton: “it is perfect with crushed ice and soda not too sweet but full of flavor and very refreshing. A little indulgence after a long day”

5/5 Paul Kingdom: “An absolute pleasure to raise this spirit to my lips “

5/5 Heather Forrest : “just drink it straight with a wee bit of water, fabulous early evening drink when catching the last rays of sunshine on your deck”

5/5 Sam Walker: “Everything! Yum! Delicious! Best nz gin “

5/5 Nathen Cranny : “A seriously great product made by some seriously great people! Perfect for both seasoned Gin drinkers and first time buyers A must have!” 

The Gin is In Review:

The nose of Blush Gin is delicately strawberry, bright fresh mandarins and rhubarb with still a lot of gin character as well. Though juniper is a subtle note on the nose, coriander, cassia and licorice add depth and squarely remind you— this is a gin

Blush Gin is among the best of this new breed of pink gins and rhubarb gins I’ve tried. And the reason for that is the strength of the botanicals underneath it. Although I think it could be even better at a higher proof— it’s a solid effort with wide appeal that may have enough gin character to convince even those who have been hiding in a cave.  

Loved it with Soda water Crushed mint and a slice of Orange 👍👍👍

Recommended among “Pink Gins” and Rhubarb Flavored Gins.