The Team


Elliot, is the Passionate Restauranteur. He loves to experiment with all sorts of spirit infusions and concoctions.
Chris, is the Engineering Professional that spent 10 years in London running pubs, falling in love with hospitality industry.
What brought us together was our common passion for the wine and spirits industry and a love for great food.


Blush came to life after trying lots of spirit infusions. Some great some were not.  Together we decided that Rhubarb gave a unique flavour that beautifully enhanced the Gin. The very first batch was made in a 500ml jam jar.  Thankfully our batches are slightly bigger now. 

Some suggested we make Vodka, together we decided that Native Bush Honey needed a blank canvas to shine on. We made beautiful vodka and refined the balance to the perfect point. Native bush honey from Potu peninsula, adds an incredible depth of flavour .We like how our good friends treat the bees. They not only focus on caring for the bees but go one step further to ensure their environment is sustainable, not only for them but for other wildlife around them. We are very proud to be apart of this.

 We recently released our second gin, infused with fresh Nelson Boysenberry’s.  “The Boys from Blush have done it again, beautiful fresh Boysenberries from Nelson infused with hand crafted New Zealand Gin. Soft and smooth our second Blush Gin is a little different, this is the first boysenberry Gin the world has ever seen. Bright red berry fruit bursts allowing the Juniper and citrus to work away in the background providing a beautiful finish. We aim to tickle the pallet, try over ice and top up with your favourite mixer. Someone said it would be dangerously good over ice cream too? We don’t disagree

We’re serious about making a quality spirits, all of our products are triple distilled and crafted by hand. From the flavour to the bottling and labeling every detail has had attention paid to it. There is something to be said for being locally made by people that care. Premium product without the snobbery, we are here to have a little fun

 Lots of factors lead us towards the balanced product that we have nurtured and become proud of.  Just sweet enough to be beautiful, Smooth enough to be enjoyed on the rocks and enough alcohol content to make it a proper drink, and a colour that is true to the Rhubarb itself.  Support local, it tastes good!


Our vision for Blush is simple – We want to change the perception of Gin away from the mother’s ruin to something that is lively and pleasant and can be enjoyed over Ice.


Much like a fine wine it’s important you store Blush Gin in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight. It is a natural product and it will fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Some natural sediment will occur over time, we recommend you shake Blush before you make it. It tastes so good we don’t see her gathering dust on the shelf for very long how ever.

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