Yuzu Lemonade 150ml 4 Pack
Yuzu Lemonade 150ml 4 Pack

Yuzu Lemonade 150ml 4 Pack

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Check out our Rhubarb Collins⁠

⁠40ml Blush Rhubarb Gin⁠ +150ml East Imperial Yuzu Lemonade⁠ 

Build in a highball glass with large cubed ice and garnish with slithers of ginger & mint from the garden⁠

A stunningly bright and exotic take on traditional lemonade. Using the zest and oils of the Japanese yuzu citrus combined with natural cane sugar. You’ll find our Yuzu Lemonade perfect for a Tom Collins, Lynchburg Lemonade, or of course enjoyed on it's own.

Tasting notes: Goes beautifully with our Blush Rhubarb Gin 

Bright, fresh & floral. Initial palate is punchy with fresh citrus and a touch of sweetness, developing into a robust and full bodied palate with a velvet like mouth feel. The finish is crisp and dry with the carbonation serving floral notes of yuzu and citrus pith.

8.7 grams of natural sugar per serving (40 calories), gluten free.

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