Thai Ginger Ale 150ml 4 Pack

Thai Ginger Ale 150ml 4 Pack

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Gin + Ginger YUM! The once prominent highball cocktail served throughout the Far East and India was the Gunner. A mix of ginger, lemon and a dash of bitters. Without a doubt a drink that defined an era. So with respect, precision and exacting care we developed this exquisite ginger ale.

Made with the natural ginger root, we opted once again for low cane sugar content to allow the natural freshness and spice to really shine through. This is an extraordinary expression of ginger ale. 

Of course, it is ideal for a Gunner and a Buck.

Tasting notes: Goes beautifully with our Blush Rhubarb Gin 

Light to start with a hint of florality. The warmth of ginger comes through mid-palate and really delivers the citrus and spice botanicals which are long and lingering.

10.5 grams of natural sugar per serving (28 calories), gluten free.


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